The purpose of this blog is to publish my own ideas on politics, economics and society from my perspective as a libertarian anarchist, as well as publish the ideas of other authors and thinkers both inside and outside the libertarian tradition.

My name is Chris Shaw. I am an independent researcher and writer, publishing with a number of outlets. I would describe myself as a libertarian anarchist. I oppose the existence of the state, believing all political and economic relations should be voluntary. I am a supporter of freed markets and the creation of equitable power relations in society through common law juries, direct democracy bodies and voluntary parliaments, and the maintenance of traditional forms of life. I pride freedom, tradition and community as the ideals of a libertarian society.

Chris Shaw


My Libertarian Ideals

It is only recently that I have described myself as a libertarian, previously identifying with far-left ideologies such as communism and Maoism. This change in political views mainly came about as a result of extensive reading into the ideas of the Austrian school and its offshoots. As well as this I’m influenced by left-libertarian and libertarian socialist thinkers who have a good critique of modern state capitalism and its ills. I’ve also become interested in post-Keynesian monetary ideas, and their compatibility with free banking. Further, Marxian economics, Ricardian socialism, Mutualism and general anarchist political economy are significant influences on my thought and ideas.

My social views tend toward a reactionary traditionalism influenced by Anglican and Catholic traditions and informed by Nietzsche’s understanding of the will to power and the Ubermensch. I see social hierarchies, a radical aristocracy and the developing of mutual relations of social cohesion as important variables in constructing a society of tradition and liberty. In this sense, understanding our moral intuitions and ingrained axiomatic positions of law and ethics as the fruits of God’s patronage are important in inculcating responsibility and cohesiveness in our wider society. Fundamentally, I believe there is a discoverable natural order that isn’t amenable to the nonsense of social liberalism and libertinism that infect modern culture today.

These influences have led me to believe in a society based not around state control and unfettered regulation, but rather one based around voluntary cooperation and exchange, removed from the spectre of big government and state control. To achieve such a society, I believe we as libertarians need to push for the decentralisation of political power, as well as working both inside and outside the current governing systems, thus achieving true freedom and freed markets.

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/ChrisShaw93

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chrisshaw93

Academic publishing page: https://warwick.academia.edu/ChrisShaw

Email: chris-shaw@live.com

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